Langit Rice Gift Set


Langit is a social enterprise that aspires to bring economic empowerment to rural communities and smallholder farmers. With collaboration with Langit, MARDI brings forth a premium selection of rice grains wrapped in an elegant box with a hint of traditional design.

The most healthiest captivating grains comes from the rainforest and harvested by the Orang Asli (Malaysian natives) and it’s GLUTEN FREE. Job’s Tear, Black Rice (called the Forbidden Rice in ancient times), White Rice and Red Rice. They contain beneficial qualities that improves one’s health and the most natural form of staple food to go with other local dishes.


Each box contains 4 pack of rice:

  • Beras Adan (White Rice)
  • Beras Sia’ (Red Rice)
  • Beras Item (Black Rice)
  • Dale Kerukub (Job’s Tears)